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Free Consultation
Stage 1: Contact us

Contact us about treatments of your interest to get free quotes and detailed information.

Stage 2: Planning the Treatment

Our doctors will evaluate the patient medical history and status. Any records such as surgery and examination reports, X-Rays and lab results will be examined by our expert doctors before planning a personalized treatment.

Stage 3: Financial Provision

Once the treatment plan is ready, we work on budget estimation. We issue a proforma invoice demonstrating the details of the treatment plan, charges and possible changes. Please note that these are just estimations and an unexpected event might affect the final bill.

Stage 4: Visa Applications

Patient from over 70 countries don’t need a visa to visit Turkey. Our team will help the ones who do. We will prepare and send any official document that helps during the visa application. Official appointment letters signed by our doctors will facilitate the visa application process.

Stage 5: Transfer & Assistant

Our patient coordinators will meet you at the airport upon your arrival. We will provide private transportation between the airport, hotel and clinic whenever needed. Your patient coordinator will be with you during all the processes to assist you.

Stage 6: Accommodation

We’ll present various accommodation alternatives to our patients, considering their needs and budget. Contracted hotels are located close to our hospitals and clinics.

How We Differ?

28 Years of Experience

Founded by Professors Doctors working in the Turkish healthcare industry since the early 90s, Wonder Medical knows what patients need, want and expect for a successful treatment experience. Working only with reputable doctors and hospitals we know personally for many years, we ensure high quality service and successful results.

Significant Savings

For many procedures, patients can get a top quality treatment and save up to 50% – 70% in Tur-key compared to EU. Thanks to Turkish Ministry of Health’s efforts and pricing policy to increase medical tourism, many people from all around the world choose to come to Turkey for their treatments. Another factor affecting the pricing is the lower costs in Turkey. Since costs such as rent and wage are lower compared to many EU countries, the overall price of a treatment is also lower.

At Wonder Medical, we do not charge any extra fees from our patients for our services. Our patients only pay for their healthcare expenses. Services Wonder Medical offer are paid by contracted physicians and hospitals we work with

Reputable Surgeons

To ensure top quality service and successful results, we carefully established partnerships and created an exclusive network of surgeons. We chose to work only with the most experienced and reputable surgeons who are faculty or board members in their fields. To ensure successful results and patient satisfaction, we kept track of all our doctors for many years before gathering them under WonderMedical.

Our patients will meet with their surgeons in person before their treatment and discuss about the details of the procedure.

International Accreditations

To ensure an easy going and comfortable treatment experience, we work with hospitals that have prestigious international accreditations such as Joint Commission International (JCI), International Standards Organization (ISO) and TÜV Rheinland.

In addition to your appointed patient coordinator and the whole Wonder Medical team, the hospital staff will be helping you with care. We aim to host our clients in hotel comfort during their time in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose WonderMedical?

As WonderMedical, our goal is to make high quality healthcare accessible to everyone. With almost 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we are committed to match our pa-tients with the right doctors and provide A class treatment plans for affordable prices.

Our network of doctors consist of some of the most experienced doctors in Turkey. Many of them serve as Professors in reputable universities as well as working in their private practice. Our contracted hospitals are equipped with modern technology and have international accredi-tations such as JCI and ISO.

At WonderMedical, we organize everything for our patients. Our expert patient coordina-tors will take care of treatment, travel and accommodation organizations. In addition, an as-signed patient coordinator will accompany the patient through all the treatment and hospitaliza-tion processes.

Medical tourism is getting more popular among international patients everyday. With high quality healthcare and affordable prices, Turkey is among the top 5 medical tourism destinations in the world. Patients can save up to 30-70% in Turkey compared to Europe or UK.

Which services does WonderMedical offer?

We offer various services to make the treatment experience as hustle-free and smooth as possible for our patients. Our services include:

  • Matching the Patient with an Expert Doctor
  • Free Consultation and Second Opinions
  • Collection of Medical Data and Reports
  • Cost Estimation
  • Assisting with Admissions
  • Booking the Medical Appointment or Treatment
  • Good Flight Deals
  • Hotel Arrangements for Every Budget
  • Provide Report for Visa Application
  • Airport and Hospital/Clinic Transfer
  • Translator & Companion
  • Assisting With Discharge and Payment Procedures
How much does WonderMedical charge?

WonderMedical is a free service for patients. We don’t charge any fees or commissions in addition to healthcare expenses.

How do I book the medical appointment?

Your assigned patient coordinator will propose you a date and time considering your needs and wants. Upon your approval, your patient coordinator will confirm the appointment with your physician. Certain personal information such as name and date of birth will be collected during the booking.

Where will I and my companions stay during the treatment?

We can make recommendations of hotels and apartments for every budget. We choose accommodations that are close to hospitals to make transportation and family visits are easy. Some hotels offer special rates for our patients. If desired, patients can arrange their accommodation on their own.

How the treatment process works?

Once you approve the treatment plan your patient coordinator has prepared, we start making the treatment organization. Our team reserves the doctor, the medical team and the operation room for the agreed date and time.

The doctor will perform physical examinations and if there is no reason to change the treatment plan our team will start the admission procedures. Your patient coordinator will be with you at all times to make sure everything is smooth and easy going for you.

How will I make the payment?

Payments can be done with cash, credit/debit card or bank transfers.

Does WonderMedical offer translation services?

Our patient coordinators are fluent in English. If desired, translator services can be arranged for any language.

Contact Us

Contact us about treatments of your interest to get free quotes and detailed information.