Operator Doctor / Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Op. Dr. Eser Aydoğdu

Op. Dr. Eser Aydoğdu

Born in Turkey’s Samsun Province, Dr. Eser Aydoğdu is known to be one of the select female plastic surgeons not only in Turkey, but worldwide. Gaining her medical degree from Erciyes Medical University in Turkey’s Kayseri Province and specializing in plastic surgery at Kartal Training and Research Hospital in Turkey’s Istanbul Province.

To date, she has preformed plastic surgery on thousands of men, women, and children.

She has travelled to the United States as a medical observer, to the state of Pennsylvania, at Pennsylvania University Hospital (America’s first and oldest university-owned teaching hospital) and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  There she observed cosmetic facial and breast surgeries, as well as various surgeries on children. 

Dr. Eser Aydoğdu has also received training on FUE hair restoration from Dr. Gregory Pistone in New Jersey.

On a yearly basis, Dr. Eser  Aydoğdu, attends an anti-aging congress in Monte Carlo and conventions in Stockholm, Madrid, and Brussels.

Her name is mentioned frequently on television programs, social media sites, newspapers, magazines, and radio programs. She is very active on social media as well.

Dr. Eser  Aydoğdu’s clinic specializes in many cosmetic procedures; including, breast surgery, rhinoplasty, degreasing eyelids, ear surgery, hair transplantation, abdominal surgery, gynecomastia surgery, Botox, fillers, stem cell fibrocell, along with facial rejuvenation treatment, diet and nuetrition, cellulite treatment, laser hair removal, eyebrow and lip design.

Dr. Eser Aydoğdu’s philosophy in her personal life and career is simple and can be summed up in one sentence.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself!”

She believes that not only is outer beauty important, but inner beauty must accompany it.

Along with attending many international and national seminars, congresses, and workshops on plastic surgery, Dr. Eser Aydoğdu tries her best to attend wellness and spiritual workshops, classes, and seminars. 

Up to date, Dr. Eser Aydoğdu has 11 international and five national publications; including, nine oral and eight poster presentations in congress. She also continues scientific studies in her field.



  • Erciyes University—Medical School, Kayseri, Turkey
  • Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Kartal teaching and Research Hospital on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Istanbul University—Capa Medical School Hand Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Istanbul University—Capa Medical School Oncologic Plastic Surgery, Istnbul, Turkey 


  • University of Pennsylvania Hospital—Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Clinical Observer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)—Departement of Craniofasial Surgery—Clinical Observer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Dr. Gregory Pistone, Hair Transplant Clinic—FUE Hair Transplant Training, New Jersey
  • Yalova State Hospital
  • F&F Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Metropolitan Florence Nightingale Hospital 
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